What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a relatively painless, non-surgical injection procedure that is used worldwide to treat a broad range of conditions including:

  • face or neck rejuvenation,
  • accumulated fat,
  • body sculpting,
  • cellulite and
  • hair loss
Injection Technique:

In this particular treatment injections are administrated via injections that contain several types of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, homeopathic medicines etc.

These injections are introduced into mesoderm (middle layer of fat and tissue beneath the skin).

The whole process is completed in different sessions of treatment that varies as per supposed area.

Is Mesotherapy a painful procedure?

Most people can easily bear the slight pain that is felt during an insertion of injection. Some people with a low pain threshold for them injections can be supervised under local anesthesia.

How Mesotherapy works ?

Mesotherapy injection with the blend of natural and chemical components or ingredients are especially formulated to metabolically aim to localized fats such as those intent in the cellulite, to enhance circulation and to breakdown the connective tissues that becomes damaged because of excess fat accumulation. The fats and cellulites that are dissolved are naturally flushed out from the body. It can be used at any part of body wherever cellulites are deposit, such as thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, abdomen and others.

Injection of PRP with meso technique:
  • Apply topical anesthetic cream

  • Prepare the solutions

  • Inject the solutions and
    cover whole face for face

Mesotherapy Recovery

Mesotherapy treatment is performed in sessions of less than an hour each.

A complete course of treatment includes of 10 sessions, however many patients get visible results after the first few sessions of mesotherapy.

There is no recovery time is required after mesotherapy, people may feel minor side effects, like bruising and swelling around the supposed area. Recovery from mesotherapy treatment is very simple that people who are going through the treatment can immediately return back to their regular routines.

Benefits of Mesotherapy
  • Mesotherapy directly treats cellulite, promotes smoother skin and eliminating fat from supposed areas.
  • Deposits fats are flushed out from the body and don’t appear again in other areas.
  • Moreover, it is not required to get admitted in the hospital or any kind of general anesthesia.
  • People can go back to their regular lifestyle right after the treatment session.