ASIA GROUP OF CLINICS was founded by Dr Balbeer Singh S/O Gujar Singh in 1990. Since Dr Balbeer Singh had graduated from University of Mysore, he established his first clinic in Parit Jawa, a small town in Johor, Malaysia. The clinic offered the community health care services eg: daycare service, outpatient service, immunization program & radiologica l service. Apart from providing basic primary healthcare, the clinic also conducted medical surveillance and screening programmes, as well as mobile audiometry and spirometry for on-site clientele.

In view of the dedicated & excellent service provided, the clinic had been gaining popularity among the population. Throughout 20 years, the clinic has transformed into a chain clinics. Currently, Asia Group of Clinics have 13 GP clinics as a whole, running by 20 medical doctors and over 100 staff nurses. The service has been expanding to panel healthcare service, occupational health and safety consultancy services, surgical service and recently aesthetic service.
Simultaneously, the Asia group also assisted the government and statutory organizations such as SOCSO to conduct a series of public seminars and conferences. The objectives were to create public awareness and enhance industrial cooperation on occupational health and safety issues including safety and health management, noise control, radiation safety, building and construction safety, and indoor air quality. Since then, the Asia group has expanded rapidly and currently provides services to more than 1500 corporate and industrial clients through our network of 13 clinic branches. The market value of Asia Group Of Clinics in year 2015 is approximately USD 10 million.